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Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

A Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Report involve a thorough inspection of the building and its immediate surroundings. The inspection will include multiple moisture measurement readings where appropriate and a full thermal imaging of the inside of the building. You will be emailed a full written report the same day as the inspection with colour photos and explanations on any found concerns.

All readily and safely accessible areas of the property are inspected including fences, yard, building exterior, building interior, sub-floor, roof exterior, and roof voids.


Structural Problems, including:

  • Cracking & Movement;
  • Deformation;
  • Dampness;
  • Structural Timber Pest Damage.

Conditions Conducive to Structural Damage, including:

  • Defective Plumbing;
  • Roof Plumbing & Flashings;
  • Defective or Bridged Damp Proof Course;
  • Un-tradesman-like Work;
  • Trees & Shrubs;
  • Corrosion;
  • Lack of Sub Floor Ventilation.

Additions & Improvements


Incomplete Construction


Serious Safety Hazards


Major Defects in Secondary & Finishing Elements


Minor Defects in the Condition of Non-Structural Elements


Signs of Timber Pests, including:

  • Fungal Decay;
  • Wood Borers;
  • Subterranean Termites (including evidence, location & extent of activity, mudding & damage);
  • Chemical Delignification.

Conditions Conducive to Timber Pest Attack including:

  • Inadequate Subfloor Ventilation;
  • Presence of Excessive Moisture;
  • Untreated or Non-durable Timber used in a hazardous environment;
  • Bridging or Breaching of the Termite Barrier;
  • and/or “insufficient slab edge exposure”.

Evidence of Existing Termite Management Programs


Advice on Termite Prevention & Management

Timber Inspection

Benefits of Thermal Image Technology

Termi-Build inspections Gladstone has invested in the latest model of the Flir E75 Thermal Imaging Camera, so your inspection report will contain thermal imaging pictures if there is a potential problem found. All inspections by Termi-Build includes a full thermal image scan of the whole house. When it comes to a more efficient and thorough inspection of homes or properties you wish to purchase, thermal image cameras can help us discover any issues that are not easily seen with the naked eye.


  • Helps us undertake a thorough and non-damaging inspection;
  • Provides evidence of damage or pest infestations;
  • Enables us to decide whether a property is a solid investment or not;
  • Gives us an opportunity to point out any areas that may be undesirable about the property;
  • Minimizes the time spent in checking for infestation or termite activity.

While a thermal image camera can perform numerous tasks seamlessly, there are some limitations to this type of technology and should not be relied on as a sole inspection tool. With complete visual and structural inspection, we can locate and determine any other concerns that exist on a particular property.

How Thermal Imaging Works

All objects has an existing heat pattern, which is caused by a range of environmental factors such as humidity, ambient temperature and sunlight. These objects are made from a number of aspects such as moisture content and density.

The technology behind thermal imaging is based on thermometers within the camera that can detect variations in heat. These areas are then displayed as images which we can then analyze and interpret.

Feedback from our customers

“I have known Brendan Lawn for over 10 years and have always found him to be friendly, very professional to deal with, efficient with excellent customer service.  I would highly recommend him.”  

Judy Whicker, Gladstone